Michael Moore Quartet - Amsterdam - Harmen Fraanje
Pianist Harmen Fraanje writes music for projects & films, performs concerts throughout the world and teaches at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
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michael moore quartet – amsterdam

Ramboy Recordings 2010

Michael Moore   Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Harmen Fraanje   Piano
Clemens van der Feen   Double Bass
Michael Vatcher   Drums, Percussion

track list

01.   Round & Round
02.   Seven
03.   Hilletjesbrug
04.   Lusty Bike
05.   Not Yet
06.   Door
07.   Patterns in Nature
08.   Fence
09.   Rub it in
10.   Creeley
11.   Ballad
12.   Amu Lu Silenziu