arve henriksen & harmen fraanje

touch of  time

ECM Jan 2024
Produced by Manfred Eicher

Arve Henriksen   Trumpet, Electronics
Harmen Fraanje   Piano

Two more musically like-minded souls would be difficult to find, as both musicians operate on the same introspective, otherworldly wavelenght. […] Hearing ‘Touch of Time’ is like being invited into a stranger’s lucid dream, enveloped with beauty.
Michael Toland, Big Takeover (US)

Relentlessly, the ECM label continues its quest for the ‘most beautiful sound after silence,’ as stated by the motto of the house led by Manfred Eicher. Mission accomplished with this delicate ‘Touch of Time.’ […] Melodic sweetness, lyricism, and textures or rare purity.
Jean-Pierre Vidal, Jazzmagazine (FR)

The expanding mountain-high, river-deep murmur of Harmen Fraanje and Arve Henriksen enchanted the audience’s souls.
Beyond beyond!
Henning Bolte, Written in Music (NL)

As soon as “Melancholia” hits your ears, you’re whisked away to a serene forest, the music rustling around you like whispers of age-old stories in the breeze. The spark between these two is off the charts, their melodies weaving together like two old pals sharing tales, as if they’ve been jamming together forever. This album is akin to a clandestine pact, whispering enigmas that only you can unravel. It’s a heart-to-heart between two musical artisans, and we’re fortunate to bear witness to it.
Jazz Sketches (USA)

C’est l’espace qui compte ici…C’est d’une élégance rare, c’est juste, sans esbroufe, sans ostentation, sans démonstration. Simplement deux âmes qui s’absorbent et se confondent dans la musiques…Et c’est sublime.
Le Soir (BE)