Nelson Veras - Harmen Fraanje
Pianist Harmen Fraanje writes music for projects & films, performs concerts throughout the world and teaches at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
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nelson veras

Label Bleu 2004

Nelson Veras   Guitar
Magic Malik   Flute, Voice
Harmen Fraanje   Fender Rhodes, Organ
Stéphane Galland   Drums

track list

01.   Rascunho
02.   Amparo
03.   Lilia
04.   How Deep is the Ocean
05.   Hiato
06.   Prism
07.   Every Tear From Every Eye
08.   Saidas e Bandeiras
09.   Francisca I
10.   Intro Francisca
11.   Francisca II
12.   Enleio
13.   E Lucevan Le Stelle
14.   Leila
15.   Ana Maria