alex & andrew smith and ernst reijseger – walking out

Winter & Winter 2017

Ernst Reijseger   Cello, Voice, Compositions
Erik Bosgraaf   Soprano-, Alto-, Tenor-, Bass-Recorder, Whirly Tubes, Organ
Harmen Fraanje    Piano, Organ, Church Organ
Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves    Percussion, Whirly Tubes
Djoeke Klijzing    Cello
Charles Watt   Cello
Fanny Winter   Voice
Forma Antiqva   Ensemble

track list

01.   Walking Out
02.   Incoming Clouds
03.   Alone with the River
04.   Taken by the River
05.   Dido’s Lament
06.   Geese Compass
07.   Tales of Generations
08.   Longing for Sunrise
09.   Northern Lights
10.   Dido’s Lament
11.   Lucid
12.   Vigil
13.   Grandfather’s Hunting Hat
14.   Dido’s Lament
15.   In Mid Air